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Anthony. Nineteen. I spew a lot of shit, and I like to think it shines like gold. For more information, one of those links above is my "About" page. One of them's a bunch of all my tagged selfies, another's all the aforementioned shit I spew, and the other is all of the shit I spew when i'm drunk. Oh, and there's also a trick button that automatically sells your soul to satan. Sorry about that, still have to get it fixed.

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She’s actually the one who won the world cup.

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"Creator? This unit is still able to serve. What has it done wrong?"  - Geth, and then everyone playing mass effect cried bitch tears (via gaarrus)

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I love this company already.


I love this company already.

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Vikings Season 3 Promo - "…you must be patient"

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Vikings - Season 2. One Lagertha per episode.

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